Wonderfully Made Books for Wonderfully Made People

Soft Spoken Paper Co. is a small independent book and paper making studio specializing in traditional binding methods and Western paper making techniques that strives to produce carefully made works of art that are functional, beautiful and intentionally unique.  Hand crafted books designed to inspire are made using high quality archival materials with a thoughtfulness to nature and sustainability.  Artisan papers are made from 100% recycled cotton serving as a professional quality canvas for all sorts of mediums.

With a variety of styles and sizes available, from blank book journals to artist sketchbooks, there is something for every bibliophile.

Soft Spoken Press Design Inspiration


The soft pastel hues and floral aesthetic that grace Katie's work is representational of her personality and her delight in the delicacy, beauty and femininity of God's handiwork found in nature. Charming botanicals, organic lines and the interactions between color and pattern bring life, light and the possibility for personal growth to each design. 

Soft Spoken Press Craftsmanship


Each book is hand assembled with the lifestyle of the artist and writer in mind, paying the finest attention to detail and precision to ensure a long life span and graceful timeless aging.  Every cut, fold, stitch and measurement is approached with care so that you may receive a unique and high quality product that you can use and trust to keep your imaginings protected for years to come.  


Book Binding + Paper Making + Surface Design

My bookbinding process includes a variation of the coptic stitch, which features braid like stitching running across the exposed spine.  I also craft traditional case bound books with an all around hard cover and hand-stitched silk headbands.

My paper making process involves transforming 100% cellulose fibers into handmade paper by recycling and cutting up cotton clothing into tiny swatches, beating the fibers into pulp and pressing and drying each sheet individually by hand.  The papers come in an array of hues and are used for book covers and internal text blocks.  

My surface design process is applied to each book covers and consists of hand-embroidery designs.  I embellish paper and textile surfaces with a variety of textures and materials.  All hand-embroidered designs are one of a kind.


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